The Secret to NocNoc’s Growth: Marketyze Performance Marketing Strategies

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NocNoc is a one-stop service marketplace platform for home building and renovation by bridging direct connections between manufacturers, service providers and homeowners. NocNoc  offers a wide range and high quality building materials, home decorations, and installation services for homeowners. NocNoc assists buyers, sellers and service providers to complete their transactions with ease. Buyers can conveniently choose and compare products, as well as access to special deals. While sellers and providers are able to reach a greater number of new potential customers within the platform with industry-led operation and AI technology adoption.

Marketyze started partnering with NocNoc in January 2022 working directly with their in-house marketing team to help scale and optimize performance. Our scope mainly focuses on (1) reducing Cost-per-Acquisition (or CPA) and (2) expanding growth through digital marketing spend while maintaining a steady Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS).

Leveraging on Marketyze marketplace performance expertise

Before partnering with us, NocNoc’s own-in house marketing team managed all paid advertising media which exhausted much of the  team’s bandwidth. Marketyze came in and worked seamlessly with the in-house team to help manage campaigns and scale their business on Facebook to improve the overall performance by (1) recommending the best practices for e-commerce and (2) A/B testing new potential solutions to understand and build on better performance. As Marketyze  has been managing numerous E-commerce clients on marketplaces across various industries, we were  confident we could be of help. Throughout the collaboration, we continuously gave insights from a  marketplace perspective for the team to implement on their side; such as which  audiences to target and what would be an optimal  paid ads campaign structure. Marketyze helped expand on growth by improving NocNoc’s prospecting customers that seemed to have potential based on the audiences selected, not solely relying on retargeting audiences. 

Scaling up is always tied to high investment costs. With high investment costs, there are difficulties growing  efficiently, and at the same time, constantly retaining the return on investment or ad spend at healthy levels (say, levels that would satisfy your profit margins). Optimizing these might be a real challenge if you’re not getting the right expertise.

Campaign structure consultation

Not only did we manage and execute marketing campaigns, we consulted with the team on the campaign structure of both paid ads and organic marketing campaigns. In the wake of managing diverse paid performance campaigns over several weeks, we identified several gaps that would be crucial to fix for structural improvements. We worked closely with the team and gave constant feedback and recommendations on the approach and processes of the campaigns to achieve the company’s targets.

For most E-commerce marketplaces there are countless campaigns running at the same time but with different campaign durations. Based on our past experience, we know  these duration shouldn’t be too short to allow for online users to have enough awareness of the campaigns, as well giving the marketing platforms’ algorithms enough data points to optimize wellApart from the campaign duration, one of the key campaigns that we commonly see perform well is the “always-on” campaign (also known as the BAU, or Business-As-Usual campaign, or sometimes referred to as an “Evergreen” campaign) We conveyed the importance of having this key campaign as part of the structure, resulting in the current campaign approach.

Working process with the team (in-house supplemented by an agency) 

While working with an in-house team and to be supplemented by an agency can be difficult,  we are quite experienced in delivering a seamless transition.  We make sure the work process is set up correctly from week 1 so everything follows smoothly from there. With the integration of both teams, we are essentially set up as one single marketing entity. We ensure there is a clearly separated scope between Marketyze and the NocNoc in-house marketing teams on the campaigns to be managed, as well as the platforms. Nevertheless, both KPIs and goals were aligned and set for both teams to be able to understand and to deliver them accurately.

Working with NocNoc going forward!

We are excited to continue our partnership with NocNoc and look forward to being part of their growth by optimizing their performance marketing stack! With our experience in scaling up marketplaces marketing, we look forward to building a long-lasting relationship and collaborate with NocNoc’s in-house marketing team to help execute, manage and maximize their returns.

I appreciate the insights and suggestions for us to improve that Marketyze provides

Apinait AmranandChief Commercial Officer (CCO) at NocNoc

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