5 Important Factors that Led to the Early Growth of B2S

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Why did B2S need assistance from Marketyze?

B2S is a well-known retail brand under Central Group, that sells books, stationary, and more. Given the pandemic situation, and the many store locations all around Thailand, it was apparent that B2S’ offline sales would most likely be affected. Given the massive shift to E-commerce, Julien Zoma, VP E-commerce & Omnichannel at Central Group reached out to Marketyze for three main reasons: 1) Build performance marketing efforts from scratch for it’s online store: b2s.co.th,2) Help set up relevant tracking across channels to create a better understanding of the online customer journey, 3) Closely collaborate with the in-house campaign, merchandising and management teams to increase Return-on-Ad-Spend coming from digital marketing efforts.

What are the key early steps needed to drive growth?

1. Tracking — One thing we needed before spending a single dime on ads, was to ensure that proper tracking was in place. We set up a robust system, using Google Tag Manager as the main source, passing all relevant tags and conversions to our digital ad channels. Since B2S works with third-party payment platforms, where part of the payment journey happens off-platform, this can be quite difficult. Tracking can break when a user leaves the platform, in which case we wouldn’t know the source of acquisition. Marketyze successfully set up persistent tracking even if users leave the platform for a short while, to close the customer journey loop.

2. Channel mix — After tracking was in place, the difficult part came in selecting the right digital marketing channel mix. Given our experience working with other E-commerce stores in Thailand, we knew it would most likely come down to a combination of Facebook Ads – inc. ads on Instagram, Dynamic Product Ads, retargeting, as well as Google Ads – incl. Google Shopping, and Google Search. Other channels were to be tested. In the end, as a performance marketing partner, we test all channels and focus on those that deliver best results for B2S.

3. Product feeds — To run Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and Google Shopping, a system needed to be in place, to help sync all of B2S’ many products into a product feed. We leveraged on the in-house product development team to help set an automatic sync of price, stock quantity and other relevant product info. This sync had to run regularly, to ensure this information is always up-to-date, and so users see the right price and stock of products. After the feed was set up, we could then integrate it into the relevant Facebook and Google channels to show the most relevant products to B2S’ potential customers.

4. Campaign planning — For any E-commerce brand it is important to plan ahead and to leverage on campaigns to boost sales. Most brands nowadays do some form of monthly, weekly or seasonal campaigns, and consumers in Thailand are well played into this. They would await these campaigns to make purchases, meaning online traffic and conversion rates are higher during certain periods. Performance marketing typically works best when going with the wind, not against it, so it was crucial to take into account B2S’ campaigns into our planning and channel set up. Marketyze worked closely with the relevant B2S teams to share campaign strategies and mechanics, but also prepare creatives and set up the right tools to facilitate this.

5. Budgeting and forecasting — After determining the right channels, we also needed to allocate the marketing spend for the coming periods. For most brands selling online, this is done on a monthly basis, to help account for seasonality, as well as weekly and monthly campaigns. It makes sense to spend more during days with a lot of traffic already happening on the platform. Marketyze prepared a budgeting system that allowed close monitoring of marketing spend on a daily level, as well as ensuring marketing spend did not over- or underspend in any time period – a constant challenge for a performance marketing agency.

There are many other factors that contributed to the success of B2S’ Online Shop’s early growth. What is most important is the desire to do better than last time and to learn continuously. We are excited for our continuous work with B2S and being part of this growth by optimizing the performance marketing stack.

Marketyze has been our go-to partner in setting up performance marketing from close to zero: they have helped set up tracking, all marketing channels, as well as reporting. Working with them has been pleasantly professional, I particularly appreciate the regular updates. I would recommend them for any performance marketing or tracking needs on E-commerce.

Malika LungnimitmasVP Marketing at B2S

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