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Worldtech is a consumer electronics provider based in Bangkok, Thailand, that provides a variety of products such as televisions, security cameras, car accessories and more recently also home appliances like fridges and coffee machines. We have been working with Worldtech since August 2019, and part of the services we provide and the core part we want to highlight in this case study specifically is our Live Dashboard solutions, and how it helps streamline the collaboration as well as improve our performance.

Benefits of having a live dashboard

The dashboard helps (1) bring each platform’s data into one convenient & always accessible online location – Google Data Studio, (2) increase efficiency in analyzing performance, and (3) increase efficiency in allocating campaign budget among their wide variety of products..

Initially, it was hard to identify which products and channels were the best performing ones, which was one of the key obstacles in campaign optimization. The challenge of this project was integrating a large number of many different products into the Live Dashboard, all while keeping the dashboard simple and with a fast loading speed so it’s user friendly.

Multiple data source aggregation

Because Worldtech advertises and sells on multiple ad and marketplace platforms, including Shopee, Lazada, and Facebook, downloading multiple data tables from those platforms can be time-consuming. Our solution which aggregates all data sources into one dashboard, allowing everyone involved to access all data at once from anywhere online. This makes comparing metrics such as cost per acquisition or return-on-ad-spend between platforms significantly easier.

Near real-time data reporting

Using real-time data reporting allows us to keep track of current trends and changes, which is extremely beneficial for e-commerce, as it’s a very fast paced environment. Worldtech, in particular, requires daily campaign monitoring, due to the granularity of reporting and optimization required as well as having very specific budget pools. Because the Live Dashboard works directly with the databases that we have connected, these real-time data dashboards will always be up to date or latest with 24 hours delay.

Furthermore, rather than connecting our database directly to Google Data Studio, we extract the necessary data first before visualizing it. This helps to increase the dashboard’s load speed even when there is a lot of data.

Personalized data dashboard for real business use

A personalized data dashboard is one that is tailored to the specific requirements of a company. We understand the importance of personalization when it comes to dashboarding, as every brand has unique sets of metrics, products and points to focus on. Worldtech specifically requires product-level data granularity. Our personalized dashboards provide a clear and user-friendly way to turn crucial information into action, such as budget allocation at the product level on Shopee and Lazada ads platforms. The information is displayed through customized visuals (e.g., graphs, tables, charts) designed to be interpreted by everyone, including users not very familiar with the metrics or the e-commerce ecosystem.

Worldtech’s Live Dashboard going forward

This Live Dashboard has been instrumental in converting complex and unstructured data into visual information that enables easy monitoring of metrics and KPIs. Before this the Worldtech team was relying on a lot of manual excels, which is also a common challenge marketers face during the digital campaign optimization process. Thanks to this dashboard, we can get detailed information on marketing performance data quickly and when it matters. We have updated the Worldtech team’s dashboard into many new versions, and we will continue to do so as their business needs grow and change!

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