Great Success for the Women’s Festival Campaign (Mookoo’s LazMall)


In May 2019, Mookoo, an up and coming Chinese makeup brand and LazMall official flagship store, partnered with Marketyze to reach its’ business plan for Lazada Thailand’s newly planned Women’s Festival campaign.

Bartering for Gold

For big campaigns, such as this one, Lazada focuses on barter packages for their brands. Homepage and campaign page visibility is exchanged for traffic support and sponsorship from brands. Platinum, gold and silver spots, which allow the best visibility, are extremely limited. Marketyze managed to get Mookoo one of only three golden packages for the Women’s Festival campaign, due to the ambitious targets we set.

Mookoo’s Magic Mirror

Lazada also aimed to offer a new shopping experience with their Women’s Festival campaign through a mixture of offline-to-online (O2O) and “Shoppertainment” – The integration of shopping and entertainment.

Mookoo, alongside makeup brands L’Oréal and MAC, piloted the launch of Alibaba’s innovation, “Magic Mirror”, to offer customers a brand new Augmented Reality (AR) experience. Customers could then purchase the items instantly by using the mirror. This also helped drive awareness of the online shop-in-shop.


Our job was to fulfill the business plan that Mookoo committed to which meant driving 20% of all sales and traffic during the campaign. This meant convincing users to buy a makeup brand that was only recently released on the Thailand market, through Facebook, Google Display and Google Search Ads.

The success came from Mookoo’s strong visual design on creatives, utilization of latest tracking capabilities offered by the Lazada Marketing Solutions Portal (or MSP), and targeting capabilities by using Facebook Collaborative Ads (also called CPAS), which allowed for retargeting of Mookoo’s visitors on the Lazada platform.

As a result, Marketyze was able to drive over 20% of all traffic and sales during the Women’s Festival campaign.

We were very pleased working together with Marketyze on our digital marketing efforts during Lazada’s first Women’s Festival Campaign in Thailand. According to Lazada, we did very well on the campaign, and we were considered a strong traffic driver, which ensured our access to join in future campaigns, thanks to Marketyze.

Lam (小嘿哥)Founder of Mookoo, a LazMall brand

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