5 Important Factors Contributing to the Success of Srichand’s 12.12 campaign

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Why did Srichand need assistance from Marketyze for the 12.12 mega campaign?

We have been working with Srichand for a while already by helping them drive quality traffic to their Lazada shop in shop to increase revenue. The 11.11 campaign was a success but we believed that there was still plenty of potential for an improved shopping experience for Srichand customers. Our scope increased for the 12.12 campaign and we took care of merchandising. As a result, GMV was 2x higher during 12.12 than 11.11 campaign.

What changed from 11.11 to 12.12?

1. Brand identity and color consistency. We strongly believe that every brand, especially with a long history, should stress their identity. During 11.11 we felt that the branding was not strong. For a Lazada user visiting a Srichand store on Lazada app, the shopping experience should feel uniquely Srichand. We tried to convey Srichand branding colors and a softer tone.

2. Communication – Throughout the 12.12 Lazada campaign we tried to communicate the benefits of shopping at Srichand. We designed a clear voucher structure that is easy to understand and communicated it to users using a banner. In addition, at a price point of 500 and 800 THB Srichand was giving away free gifts.

3. Exclusive deals – Users come to Lazada during mega campaigns to see something new and exciting. We decided to come up with a special set, a bundle of products, that would be unique to the 12.12 campaign. It was a success. Gift sets made up of 20% of GMV by the end of campaign.

4. UX changes – Success of every big campaign depends largely on preparation ahead of the campaign. But actions can always be taken during the campaign to improve overall performance. We realized early on during the campaign that most users do not expect the gift set banner to be clickable. Traffic was below expectations. We made a new banner that looked like an SKU and emphasized the fact that it is clickable. As a result, traffic increased 4x to gift set SKUs.

5. Dedicated landing pages – The Lazada Shop Builder allows us to easily design multiple landing pages quickly. We took advantage of this feature and extended shopping experience beyond the homepage only. Having multiple landing pages can be very beneficial, especially when combined with digital marketing efforts.

There are many other factors that contributed to the success of the Srichand 12.12 campaign. What is most important is the desire to do better than last time and to learn continuously. We are excited for the next and upcoming mega campaigns with Srichand and to do even better than last time.

Marketyze has proven to us that running ads alone is not enough if a brand doesn’t have a strong message to communicate to Lazada shoppers. After Marketyze helped us on both merchandising and digital marketing, our revenue has significantly improved and certainly seems to continue improving further.

Pirasin (Bill) AsavamaykeyHead of E-Commerce at Srichand

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